Take the Lead’s Gloria Feldt and sageCrowd to Offer Diversity and Inclusion Courses

Halifax, January 20, 2016 – Women’s leadership organization, Take The Lead, its co-founder Gloria Feldt, and science of learning software company sageCrowd have partnered to deliver an enterprise training program that will be part of sageCrowd’s new Diversity and Inclusion Training Series.

This training program will feature two courses delivered by renowned women’s leadership expert and Take The Lead co-founder, Gloria Feldt. Participants will receive a blended learning experience from Take The Lead trainers. The courses will use sageCrowd’s unique learning methodology, which makes deep learning simpler, quicker, and part of everyday work.

In the first course, participants will learn Gloria Feldt’s Nine Power Tools That Develop Women’s Leadership Skills, ideal for enterprise or division-wide development programs. The second course, designed for those in senior and middle management positions, will teach participants how to use Gender Bilingual Communication Skills to foster a more inclusive environment.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with sageCrowd for these online training courses,” Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder and President of Take The Lead, says. “We’ve been delivering powerful training to women leaders for a decade, but by working with sageCrowd we’re taking our training up a notch and making it easier and faster for people to learn.”

“After Gloria presented the Nine Leadership Power Tools to our women's employee resource group leaders, our organization has experienced a positive and visible change in them,” Kendra Thomas, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Pearson (Americas), says. “Because of Gloria's dynamic and practical strategies, our ERG leaders are working on their individualized action plans to consistently add value both to their own professional development and to our company.”

This course will help enterprises develop and expand an effective diversity and inclusion program with the objective to get the most out of their people.

“We’re so happy to be working with Take The Lead and the amazing Gloria Feldt,” Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd, says. “By working with Take The Lead, we’ve created the best programming on women’s leadership available today. We’re excited to present the first diversity and inclusion training series based on the science of learning. This series is critical for enterprise development and a key part of our Six Competencies Driving Future Revenue Growth.”

SageCrowd’s Diversity and Inclusion series teaches organizations how to fully embrace diversity. These courses train teams in cultural intelligence, unconscious bias and new communication skills that create a sustainable culture of inclusion. With these courses, enterprises will develop inclusive and diverse mindsets and best practices, increasing the ROI on diversity while also strengthening their bottom lines and much more.

About Take The Lead:

Take The Lead prepares, develops, inspires, and propels women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. It's today's women's movement, the needed game changer, and a unique way for women to embrace power and leadership parity. For more information please visit: http://www.taketheleadwomen.com.

About Gloria Feldt:

Gloria Feldt is Co-Founder and President of Take The Lead, the new women’s leadership movement to prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women into more leadership positions. The bestselling author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, Gloria is an acclaimed expert on women, power and authentic leadership, and an inspiring keynote speaker.

About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd is a software company transforming enterprise training by leveraging breakthroughs from the 'science of learning'. SageCrowd believes that aligning training to the brain’s natural learning process is the key to better results. They have built the science-based learning methodology, SAGECROWD WAY and a matching learning platform. The goal is to help enterprises implement their most mission critical training projects. It is a whole new way to learn.

For more information, please contact:

Ciara Yorston, PR & Marketing Assistant

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