SageCrowd Brings WAY to Build Better Bootcamps

Halifax, NS, May 17, 2016 – SageCrowd, leader in collaborative training for large teams, is pleased to announce it has tailored a specific version of its cognitive science-based learning methodology to bootcamps.  The SageCrowd Way 2.0 for Bootcamps is designed to drive up results and drive down classroom time, and is now available.

This new offering will provide organizations looking to conduct a bootcamp training session with a tailored version of sageCrowd’s science-based learning methodology. The outcome is a sequenced program designed to enable rapid skills adoption to advance careers of those participating.

“We set out to formulate our SAGECROWD WAY learning methodology to assist a client with a 2-week Bootcamp”, said Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd. “What resulted was a precise methodology that can be applied to any length bootcamp and when combined with our Collaborative Learning Platform enables participants to spend much less time in a classroom.”

Bootcamps saw a rise in popularity in late 2014, primarily in the realm of coding camps. However, today skills development bootcamps are becoming the ‘go-to’ vocational training approach for skills accreditation in everything from leadership to inbound marketing.

“The answer to building a better bootcamp lies in the strategic structuring / sequencing of content, plus enabling the learners with the opportunity to reflect, collaborate and practice,” continues Sears,  “the secret is in the design and we hope to help organizations build better bootcamps.”

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About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd is an enterprise software company transforming training by leveraging breakthroughs from the science of learning. SageCrowd believes that aligning training to the brain’s natural learning process is the key to better results. They have built the cognitive science-based learning methodology: SAGECROWD WAY and their Collaborative Learning Platform with the goal of training large teams to help enterprises implement their most mission critical training projects. It is a whole new way to learn.

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