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Why Financial Advisors Need To Offer Powerful Social Security Guidance

A key, but often-overlooked element to successful retirement planning is a sound social security claiming strategy. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that retirees will claim early, at age 62, or at full retirement age (typically age 66). Without proper guidance, many retirees are unaware that there are other options—options that are not explored simply because…
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As adults, it’s not the monsters under the bed that we're afraid of; it's uncertainty and failure. In fact, being afraid of monsters was easier. You just yelled from the comfort of your bed for mom or dad to come and TAKE CONTROL. And that is the key to adulthood: taking control of your choices…
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Are you the captain of your own ship? Or are you merely a deckhand, letting other people or circumstances make all the decisions for you? The difference lies in your ability (and willingness) to own your choices. How do you own your choices? Motivational speaker Jim "Mr. Energy" Smith Jr., will show you how: Jim…
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