July 8, 2014 – HALIFAX – SageCrowd, a collaborative learning platform for enterprise talent development, announced today impressive user comprehension results from the 2nd commercial trials based on the teachings in Marshall Goldsmith on Leadership.

The online skills competency training, based on Goldsmith’s best-selling book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, was offered over a four-month period and contained three lessons:
  1. The Habits that Hold You Back
  2. Feedback is Important
  3. Thanking and Following Up

The key purpose for this round of trials was to measure the effectiveness of the sageCrowd online collaborative learning platform and its custom, neuroscience-based pedagogy.

SageCrowd CEO Sean Sears remarks, “We’re pleased with these solid improvements in both user comprehension and confidence. We’re working on a whole new approach to teach skill competencies. The new science of memory formation opens up all kinds of possibilities for improving learning results and performance. These results are impressive and we think only a baseline for what is possible.”

Key results reported include an average pre/post comprehension test score improvement of 13% (higher than the industry norm of approximately 10%) and an average pre/post user confidence level improvement of 7.7%.

When looking at users with little or no prior knowledge in this topic area, the comprehension scores were significantly higher – pre/post test scores for this sub-group reflected a 36% comprehension improvement. Correlation levels between improved test scores and engagement level indicate that social activities are strong drivers of better learning outcomes.

About sageCrowd

SageCrowd gives enterprises an edge in talent development by harnessing how the brain actually learns. It is the first Collaborative Learning Platform to use the science of permanent memory formation. SageCrowd is focused on increasing enterprise performance and best practices. Employees are able to improve their skills while cultivating a common language and culture. SageCrowd broadens its platform offering with unique teachings from the world's top business authors and experts.

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