SageCrowd to Launch Diversity and Inclusion Training Series

Halifax, January 5, 2016 – Enterprise training software company, sageCrowd, is pleased to announce the launch of a new enterprise training series on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversity and inclusion is quickly gaining recognition as a vital business opportunity. To thrive in our increasingly connected world, enterprises must adapt operations and practices, however, change and subsequently results, will not occur if employees do not first receive impactful training.

“Understanding how to operate within and embrace a diverse and inclusive environment is vital for the survival of any organization,” said Joe Santana, Chairman of the Institute for Corporate Productivity's Chief Diversity Officer Board and a member of the Insight Into Diversity Editorial Board. “Organizations must learn how to leverage their organization’s diversity into a powerful tool, creating not only an efficient workforce, but a culture of inclusion.”

SageCrowd focuses on competencies that are necessary for the success of enterprise. They work with industry leaders in a number of fields to create highly effective change programs for enterprises to employ. The diversity and inclusion training series covers topics including unconscious bias, cultural dexterity and competence, management accountability, new communication skills, and fostering an inclusive workplace.

“Diversity and inclusion is a crucial training topic for Canadian police forces,” said Sandy Sweet, President of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network.  “Everyone has recognized the potential and the need for these skills, but what sageCrowd is doing, combining first-class content with advanced collaborative learning methods, has real potential.

“A review of the current corporate training market revealed to sageCrowd that diversity and inclusion is a critical addition to our Six Competencies Driving Growth,” said Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd.  “Implementing diversity and inclusion practices is not easy—it is real change across an entire organization. In order to be successful it takes committed leadership, great content, and advanced training methods.”

The Six Competencies Driving Growth are the skills necessary for success across all enterprises.

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sales
  • Product Marketing
  • Engagement
  • Product Innovation
  • Customer Service

About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd is a software company transforming enterprise training by leveraging breakthroughs from the 'science of learning'. SageCrowd believes that aligning training to the brain’s natural learning process is the key to better results. They have built the science-based learning methodology, SAGECROWD WAY and a matching learning platform. The goal is to help enterprises implement their most mission critical training projects. It is a whole new way to learn.

For more information, please contact:

Ciara Yorston, PR & Marketing Assistant

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