October 20, 2014 – HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – SageCrowd is in Boston this week as one of only 25 innovative Canadian companies invited to 48hrs-in-the-Hub by the Consulate General of Canada in Boston and the mentoring group CENE (Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England).

48-hrs-in-the-Hub is a semi-annual intensive two-day program of workshops, strategic partner visits, mentorship and networking in Cambridge/Boston. It is an opportunity for companies to gain visibility in the Boston business and investment community.

Invited companies are evaluated and selected based on their initial traction in the market, differentiated technology, and potential to grow.

"We are honored to be selected and see a tremendous value in participating. We are using the science of memory formation to reinvent skill competency training and generating a lot of interest. It is a very exciting time for us,” says sageCrowd CEO Sean Sears. “CENE is a powerful group and the opportunity to work with them, to be mentored in their community is ideal timing for sageCrowd. We are looking for collaborators in the EdTech sector, customers, investors, and people who just get our story and want to help.”

The CENE (Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England) is composed of accomplished Canadian executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Charter Members help to advance Canadian entrepreneurship by mentoring promising companies and guiding them toward resources and partnerships in the industry.

About sageCrowd

SageCrowd gives enterprises an edge in talent development by harnessing how the brain actually learns. It is the first Collaborative Learning Platform to use the science of permanent memory formation. SageCrowd is focused on increasing enterprise performance and best practices. Employees are able to improve their skills while cultivating a common language and culture. SageCrowd broadens its platform offering with unique teachings from the world's top business authors and experts.

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