Boston, MA, June 3, 2015 – Learning science software company sageCrowd, announced it has published and made available on its website, The Brain’s Natural Learning Cycle. Based on two years of research, this paper contributes to the learning industry's understanding of the learning implications of the brain’s natural process for creating skill-based memories and behavioral change.

The white paper outlines how a new and clearer understanding of how the brain learns and creates permanent memories could be the key to developing a better training design. The paper explores developments in human sciences, primarily neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics, and identifies important findings that are influencing modern learning design.

“This whitepaper has been a lot of fun to develop,” said Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd. “We set out to discover why is it so hard for adults to learn new skills and we discovered that most training is thwarting the way adults naturally learn. We identify nine learning implications, which represent about 60% of our current science, so while we are sharing some of our secrets, we think it is simply too important not to share. Organizations need to stop wasting money on hopelessly poor learning design.”

“This is a ground-breaking research summary. I think the implications are far reaching,” says Hakan Satiroglu, Co-Founder and Partner of LearnLaunch, the Boston-based EdTech incubator and co-location space. “SageCrowd’s whitepaper, The Brain's Natural Learning Cycle is informative, challenging and compelling. We all know adult competency-based skill development is challenging to make effective; this paper outlines some key design principles that should help a lot of companies, training vendors and corporate trainers.”

About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd uses modern learning science to deliver competency-based skills training for large enterprises. SageCrowd’s chief advantage is its focus on learning sciences, particularly the creation of the SAGECROWD WAY. This proprietary training methodology combines social learning capability with Insight-Scaffolding® to create a fundamentally different learning environment that can deliver a greater ROI on training and substantially improve enterprise performance.

The goal is to rethink training by aligning it to the brain's ‘natural’ process for permanent memory creation. SageCrowd works with authors and subject matter experts, particularly those with comprehensive methodologies that transform enterprise performance.

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