SageCrowd to expand Training Series with course from Joe Santana

New York, NY, March 29, 2016 – Executive Coach and Group Chair Joe Santana and enterprise training software company sageCrowd have partnered to create a training program on diversity and inclusion. SageCrowd will add this course to their existing Diversity and Inclusion Training Series which features women’s leadership author Gloria Feldt.

This new course will help organizations develop the inclusion and diversity practices necessary to increase their competitive edge and improve organizational synergy. It is designed to help enterprises learn how to use best practices to drive business benefits. Participants will learn real actionable tools such as inclusive strategies for effective meeting facilitation.

“Employee training in the areas of diversity and inclusion has become a necessity for the survival of organizations today,” says Santana. “This course will focus on fully engaging the entire organization; from the onboarding of new employees all the way to the ‘C’ suite, to ensure the highest levels of innovation and performance are met. Those who take this course will learn to develop an inclusive mindset, with the goal of achieving organizational synergy while maintaining individual diversity to drive innovation and growth.”

Santana is a prominent expert on leveraging diversity into a top competitive asset for enterprises. He works with companies so they can successfully produce strategies that will increase employee diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He also helps leaders navigate their way through increasingly difficult diversity issues in order to make their companies better and more innovative places to work.

“In many organizations, best practices can often be found within their own walls,” says Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd. “This is what is so innovative about this new course — it empowers employees to be involved in the pursuit of company-wide diversity and inclusion practices, and it advises company leaders, managers, and human resources personnel on how to turn to their employees for input.”

Santana’s course will be an important part of sageCrowd’s Diversity and Inclusion Training Series. This series contains courses that will help companies to fully embrace diversity and create a sustainable organizational culture of inclusion. The series will ensure enterprises receive a return on investment in diversity training and, in turn, strengthen their bottom line.

About Joe Santana:

Joe Santana is a dynamic executive coach, group leader and thought-leading author of thousands of articles, including feature pieces for Diversity Executive Magazine and Insight into Diversity Magazine. He is Chairman of i4cp’s CDO Board, President of Joseph Santana, LLC and a member of the Insight Into Diversity Editorial Board. Joe focuses on helping enterprises increase the business value they derive from diversity by increasing inclusion.

About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd is a software company transforming enterprise training by leveraging breakthroughs from new research in cognitive learning. SageCrowd believes that aligning training to the brain’s natural learning process is the key to better results. They have built the science-based learning methodology, SAGECROWD WAY and a matching learning platform. The goal is to help enterprises implement their most mission critical training projects. It is a whole new way to learn.

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