Halifax, August 18, 2015 - Students in the renowned RADIANT Summer Institute program at Dalhousie University will pitch neurotechnology-based business solutions on August 21 to industry professionals on a shark tank panel, including sageCrowd CEO, Sean Sears.

For two weeks, students from across North America have participated in lectures, workshops and group activities to develop an innovative solution for a particular neuroscience issue. On August 21, teams will present their innovative solutions to a shark tank panel of science and industry leaders.

Seasoned entrepreneur, Sean Sears, will be one of four “sharks” for Friday’s pitch competition. Sears, who has over 30 years of experience creating and managing technology companies, operates sageCrowd, a learning sciences software company that creates skills training programs based off of neurological research.

Sears and the rest of the shark tank panel, will not only select a winning team, but will also provide constructive feedback to help participants move forward in their entrepreneurial goals. Moreover, program participants have been self-selected as future innovators and entrepreneurs in the neuroscience field; therefore feedback from the panelists will be a key influencer in shaping the individual paths participants will move towards in the future.

About the RADIANT Neurotechnology program:

The Rehabilitative and Diagnostic Innovation in Applied NeuroTechnology (RADIANT) program is funded by the NSERC’s CREATE program, and produces a unique, world-class learning environment. RADIANT creates opportunities for students to collaborate and innovate with industrial and academic partners. RADIANT participants are also highly sought out for both their unique entrepreneurial mindset and their world-class skills.

About sageCrowd:

SageCrowd uses the latest advancements in learning science to deliver competency-based skills training for large enterprises. It partners with top subject matter experts to deliver training experiences that drive better learning results for companies and their employees.

SageCrowd focuses on the brain’s natural process for creating permanent memories. SageCrowd’s chief advantage is its creation of the SAGECROWD WAY. This proprietary training methodology combines social learning capability with Insight-Scaffolding® to create a fundamentally different learning environment that can deliver a greater ROI on training and substantially improve enterprise performance.

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