HALIFAX, February 26, 2014 – Collaborative learning startup sageCrowd announced today that financial industry expert Gillian Scott has joined the Board of Directors.


“We’re grateful and excited to have Gillian Scott on our Board,” said Sean Sears, Co-Founder of sageCrowd. “She has an extensive and diverse background and a strong understanding of sageCrowd’s value proposition.”

Gillian Scott is a former PricewaterhouseCoopers executive who has worked internationally and spent the past 16 years in the financial services sector. She is a CA (1996) and a CFA charterholder (2003).

Gillian is currently a Partner and Co-Founder of Beaumont Advisors Limited, where she interviews senior executives at the largest and most sophisticated asset management firms globally, as well as managers and executives for operating entities of various industries. As an operational risk expert, she seeks to identify operational risks and recommend improvements that follow best practices or assist to mitigate or remove the risk.

“I really love the sageCrowd product and feel it has tremendous value for corporate management development,” says Ms. Scott. “Throughout the world we have a talent shortage; organizations will need to develop talent internally and provide advanced skills training as part of a retention strategy. SageCrowd adds scale to the teaching of the world’s leading authors, and for the first time, permits a global workforce to train together, share insights, develop individual skills, and build corporate knowledge.”

About sageCrowd

SageCrowd is a collaborative learning platform based on the science of memory formation and skill development. It provides a completely unique learning experience based on the ideas and best practices of top-selling business and personal development authors. It is designed to make learning new ideas and skills short, simple and social.

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