HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, March 12, 2013 – sageCrowd announced today the launch of the alpha trial program for its new online collaborative learning platform for personal and professional development.


Over a year in development by a Halifax-based team with over 30 years of experience in e-learning and software development, the new system uses the tools of social media and the neuroscience of memory and habit development to make learning and adopting new ideas and concepts faster and easier.

The alpha trial represents the first public testing for the platform, designed to evaluate its performance, stability and user interface with a group of real online users. The results and user feedback will drive further development and beta trials to a larger group later in the year.

Making the announcement, Sean Sears, Co-Founder and Chairman at sageCrowd said, “We’re building a whole new approach to help people improve their lives based on how people really learn and develop. We're looking to help people adopt the teachings of their favorite authors in personal development. This is our first series of user trials and we’re looking forward to our users’ feedback.”

About sageCrowd
sageCrowd is an online collaborative learning platform focused on personal and professional development. The platform is based on the principles of social learning and the current neuroscience of memory and formation of positive habits. sageCrowd works with leading personal improvement authors – each of them gets their own channel on sageCrowd’s network with monthly lessons presented in a way designed to make learning new ideas and skills fast, easy and entertaining.

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