New Jersey, Sept. 11, 2014 – Jim Smith Jr. International, today announced the availability of its new course “The Taking Control of Your Choices and Your Life ” on sageCrowd’s collaborative learning platform.

Jim Smith Jr., is a highly sought-after author and speaker for corporations looking to boost performance and motivation across their teams. The course challenges learners to own their choices and be the person they've always wanted to be. They learn how to embrace uncertainty and risk, change course, and adopt the "No Excuses" lifestyle! Jim Smith Jr., is a noted author who co-wrote “The Master of Success” with Ken Blanchard and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series).“At Jim Smith Jr. International, we always encourage our clients to look for ways to evolve, to transform, and to reinvent themselves. Well, we have to practice what we preach and this opportunity with sageCrowd will help us do just that,” said Smith. “We'll be able to deliver the same high-impact, personal responsibility and personal accountability message in a new and innovative way—and reach more people, more often. I'm ecstatic! Our best is yet to come and sageCrowd is going to help us make that come to fruition.”

“'Amazing' was the word my clients used to describe the content and delivery of learning from development expert, Jim Smith, Jr.,” quotes William Link, Executive Partner, Gartner’s Program for HR Executives. “He delivers an interactive demonstration and practical application of some of the concepts that our research analysts recommended in case study reports. Expect the unexpected with Jim."

“We’re very excited that Jim’s powerful content is the first specifically created for our version 2.1 learning platform,” said Sean Sears, CEO of sageCrowd. “Jim's course is a great showcase for users to experience our expanded collaborative learning features and brain friendly content design."

SageCrowd creates short learning experiences based on the latest brain science research on permanent memory formation to teach the essential concepts, skills, and best practices of top-selling business and personal development authors like Jim Smith Jr.

The online experiences use the science of memory formation and user rewards to drive actions that make it easy to understand, retain, and apply the ideas and skills presented. It can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any net-connected device. It’s built to make learning short, simple and social!

The Jim Smith, "Taking Control of Your Choices and Your Life" course is now open for registration.

For more information visit www.sagecrowd.com or contact grace@sagecrowd.com.

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