If learning is a two-way conversation, we’ve all been doing it wrong. 

Most people who want to improve their professional skills and their lives turn to traditional learning methods, because, well, they're traditional, and therefore must work, right?

Well, not exactly.

Traditional learning methods like classes, seminars, books, and talking-head videos (i.e., the lecture model) just don’t work—or, at best, miss key elements that drive learning.

Let us explain.

Traditional learning is passive, but it's harder for you to learn if you are not involved and engaged (if you have school-aged children, you probably know this already).

There is a better way to learn

Thanks to social media, most of us are used to collaborating and sharing our personal experiences and engaging with others. Without even being aware of it, you are actively learning (and adopting new ideas): your ideas are challenged, you learn by example, and sometimes your ideas are validated (reinforcement of knowledge). 

The concept of social learning is not new; we all learn how to be human beings within our social context. At it’s essence, it’s a giant, ongoing group discussion.


At sageCrowd, we’ve built a new social learning network around this idea, designed to give you a real edge in professional development.

We work with the core ideas and concepts from leading authors in professional development, but in sageCrowd, the author’s authority takes a backseat and passes more of the authority on to you and the group where each individual is prompted to share his or her knowledge and experience.

The power of the Crowd

Learning in a collaborative environment like this drives fast and effective learning and accelerates the rate in which ideas and skills are processed, shared, questioned, examined, retained and adopted.

We believe that is the power of the Crowd.

We are entering a digital storytelling age where we create and tell our stories using technology. This allows us to interact in more meaningful ways compared to traditional learning methods.

The wide adoption of social media has given social learning a new avenue. sageCrowd is a powerful new tool for you to direct your own learning and get the improvements you want in your life.

It’s time to bring professional development into the 21st Century.

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