It's time for women to break through the glass ceiling and change history.

More doors of opportunity are open for women than ever before, so why aren't more of us walking through?

In hopes of helping more women take the step, sageCrowd, a new social learning network, has teamed up with bestselling author and Take The Lead co-founder, Gloria Feldt, to encourage more women to step into positions of power and leadership using the nine power tools as outlined in her book, No Excuses: Nine Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.


Hot on the heels of the Take The Lead Challenge Event on February 19, the sageCrowd Take The Lead Channel delivers online experiences to help women fully adopt the nine power tools for increased success in their personal and professional life, giving participants of the Take The Lead Challenge Event an opportunity to really bring the experience home and implement all that they've learned!

The Take The Lead Challenge will inspire women to close the pay and leadership gaps, providing women, men, and organizations with the tools they need to succeed in work, civic leadership, and personal life. Take The Lead shifts the focus from problems to solutions.

The event is live at Arizona State University, but 1 million global participants are expected to join in virtually via live stream for free. Keynote speakers include Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO; Karen Finney, MSNBC Host; and Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley.


Don’t stop just because the event is over, we’re just getting started!

Too often our motivation to fight for change fades away post-experience. With sageCrowd, we hope to close that gap.

We lead busy lives with hectic schedules. Good intentions can sometimes fall by the wayside. But you can keep the Take The Lead movement alive by joining in the conversation with like-minded women (and men!) to discover your best leadership assets and accelerate your career with the tools necessary to build your leadership inventory.

sageCrowd’s social learning network is aligned with Gloria's new leadership concept of "power to" versus the older "power over," by empowering the learner to share his or her knowledge and experience in a collaborative, inquiry-based environment.

The Take The Lead Channel features monthly lessons based on Gloria's key concepts and ideas and presents them in short online weekly activities that are centered around group discussions, activities, and calls-to-action. Every user has an active role and voice in the learning. This is the power and wisdom of the crowd.

Whether you're mid-career and all-set to break the glass ceiling blocking your way or are just starting out in your career, sign up for The Take The Lead Channel and keep the feeling alive. Together we can reach leadership parity by 2025!

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