We've already covered why we believe social learning is a better way to learn. We also happen to love social learning. Here’s why:

1.  It’s about the experience, not the tools 

Tools are great and invaluable, but unless you've just whacked your thumb with a hammer, you're probably not thinking about the tools while you're building. With social learning, the tools (i.e., the technology) provide the structure and the means to learning, but do not dominate or constrain your learning experience.

Instead, in a social learning driven environment, the tools enable a deeper understanding and participatory experience. 

2. It’s based on how your brain actually works 

PSST! Guess what, this is also all based on our current understanding on the science of learning too!

For better or worse, many of your deeply ingrained habits were learned socially, from eating habits to patterns of speech.


Current neuroscience tells us that our brain develops new skills based on observing and gathering information from others, reflecting (sharing your personal thoughts and experiences), comparison (how does she do it?), and feedback and validation from your peers. 

3. It’s action-oriented and fun

Humans are social beings (most of us, anyway—but if you’re a hermit you’re probably not reading this); therefore, learning should be too. 

Social learning is active and comes in many forms: questions, opinions, debates and conversations. If there’s something you don’t quite get, just ask the Crowd—or maybe you can help someone else understand a little better. All of these things drive understanding and use of the new skills in your life. We learn and change by examining, re-stating and discussing new ideas with the like-minded people around us. 

4. It’s about community

Social learning is about social interaction (what a surprise!). Engagement takes place via knowledge sharing and group discussion, collaboration, and problem solving.

While all this is taking place, you are building content.

Content does not drive learning but supports learning objectives that get you thinking, talking, and doing. A truly effective social learning tool enables co-creation of content, where your personal contribution adds to the story.

5. It’s about YOU! 

We’re interested in what you've got to say! The idea behind sageCrowd is to empower you to take part in your own learning in ways that best suit your needs and learning style, giving you responsibility in your own learning.

Ready to get in on the action and take professional development to the next level? Get started with our current author channels. And we’re always adding more, so come back often!

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